Jira projects templates

Jira is one of the most popular issue tracking and project management software. When released in 2002, it was designed as an issue tracking platform for software developers. It has become more popular, so Atlassian expanded the Jira platform and gave users a choice between Jira Software, Jira Work Management and Jira Service Management.

Each product is targeted at a different group. Jira Work Management is aimed at non-technical teams. Jira Software is designed for software teams: developers, QA, scrum masters, project managers, etc. Jira Service Management is a service management solution for all teams.

When you decide which product suits your requirements, it’s time to create a project. It’s worth noticing that Jira is a powerful tool with many customization options. To make it easier to set up a new project, you can choose from various project templates.

Team-managed and company-managed projects

Some projects can be team-managed or company-managed. Company-managed projects are set up and maintained by Jira admins. They offer advanced features, setup and configuration. It’s a good choice for teams who want to work across many projects in a standardized way. Team-managed projects are set up and maintained by anyone on the team. They offer simplified setup and configurations.

Jira Software templates

Jira Software is commonly used by software developers, software testers, project managers, product designers, product owners and scrum masters. It offers scrum, kanban, and bug tracking templates. Scrum template is ideal for software development teams that build your product in iterations (sprints) using boards, backlog, and roadmaps. Kanban template is ideal for software development teams that want to visualize work using backlog and boards. The bug tracking template is ideal for tracking and managing bugs.

Scrum template Kanban template Bug tracking
Ideal for Software development teams, agile teams Software development teams, agile teams Software development teams, product teams
Issue types Epic Story, Bug, Task, Sub-task Epic, Story, Bug, Task, Sub-task Epic, Story, Bug, New feature, Task, Sub-task
Project types Team-managed, Company-managed Team-managed Company-managed Company-managed
Workflow statuses To do, In progress, Done Team-managed: To do, In progress, Done Company-managed: Backlog, Selected for development, In progress, Done To do, In progress, In review, Done

Jira Service Management

Jira Service Management is a solution for all teams with which you can receive, track, manage and resolve requests from customers or your team. Requests can be submitted through a portal, email or embedded widget and organized and prioritized in one place, so none will be missed.

Description Ideal for Request types
ITSM This template is designed to manage requests, resolve incidents, address problems, and deploy changes. IT teams, DevOps teams, Operations teams, Service teams Change, Incident, New feature, Problem, Service request, Service request with approval
General service management This template is perfect to manage all your internal requests. All teams Ask a question, Emailed request, Submit a request or incident
Legal service management This template allows you to manage your contracts through the review cycle. Legal teams Questions for legal, Request a contract review, Emailed request
HR service management This template is designed to help HR teams manage onborading, offboarding and answer requests. HR teams Employee offboarding, Employee onboarding, Questions for HR, Emailed request
Customer service management This template is designed to help teams deliver customers best service experiences. All teams Licensing and billing questions, Other questions, Product trial questions, Report a bug, Suggest a new feature, Suggest improvement, Technical support, Emailed request
Facilities service management This template helps to manage maintenance and equipment requests, desk moves, events planning. Facilities teams Report a maintenance issue, Request a move, Request an event, Questions for facilities, Emailed request

Jira Work Management

Jira Work Management is designed to help teams manage work, projects and processes. It gives a shared view of tasks statuses and works progress with a list, calendar and board views.

Description Ideal for Issue typesp Workflow statuses
Project management Simple template to manage your team’s tasks. Marketing, Finance, Operations, Sales, Design, HR Task, Sub-task To Do, In progress, Done
Task tracking Template with the most basic workflow Marketing, Finance, Operations, Sales, Design, HR Task, Sub-task To Do, Done
New employee onboarding New hires process can be tracked with this template. HR teams Employee Signed offer, Employee documents, IT Provisioning, In Review, Launched
Process control This template is designed to support businesses processes Operations, HR, Finance Task, Sub-task To do, In progress, Canceled, Under Revie, Rejected, Approved, Done
Sales pipeline It helps track sales deals. Sales teams Lead New, Follow-up, Contract sent, Negotiation, Closed won, Closed lost
Go-to-Market Designed to plan go-to-market strategies. Marketing teams Task, Sub-task To do, In progress, Ready for Launch, Launched
Web design process Template created to help simplify web design process. Design teams Task, Sub-task To do, Concepting, Design Testing, Launch
Document approval Policies, contracts or any critical document can be easily managed with this template. Legal teams, Finance teams Document To do, Draft, In review, Second review, Approved, Done
Campaign management Template for teams running marketing campaigns. Tailored, to help meet the deadlines using included timeline, calendar, list, and board views. Marketing teams , Design teams Task, Sub-task Not started, Planning, In Progress, Ready for Review, In Review, Approved, Done, Performance
Recruitment Template created to add and track candidates. Recruiting, HR Candidate Applications, Screening, Interviewing, Interview Debrief, Offer Discussions, Accepted, Rejected
Budget creation This template can help plan a budget, which is very important when starting a project or launching a new campaign Legal teams, Marketing, HR, Legal, Design, Sales, Operations Budget, Sub-task To do, In progress, Feedback, Approval, Done - approved, Done - not approved
Procurement This template help finance and procurement teams to track orders. Finance teams, Procurement teams Order Requested, In Review, Approve, Purchased, Rejected
Content management This template gives teams visual way to track the progress of contents like blog posts, webinar, articles. Marketing, HR, Legal, Sales, Design Assest To do, Draft, In Review, Approved, Published
Personal task planner Template to stay organized and track personal tasks. Marketing teams, Finance teams, HR teams, Operations teams, Legal teams, Sales teams, Design teams, Personal Task, Sub-task To do, In progress, Done
Month-end close Template to simplify month-end close process. Finance teams Task, Sub-task To do, In Progress, In review, Done
Policy management Documenting and managing policies and procedures can be management with this template HR teams, Operations teams Task, Sub-task Proposal, Drafting, In Review, Approved, Published
Asset creation Template designed to manage asset creation requests Marketing teams, Content teams, Design teams Task, Sub-task To do, Drafting, In review, Approved, Created
Event planning This template is tailored to plan events with issue types and workflow configurations specific to it. Keeping track of due dates is much easier with views like calendar and timeline Marketing teams, Legal teams, Finance teams Task, Sub-task Ideating, Planning, Review, Done
RFP process With this template you can easily select the right vendor that meets your criteria Operations teams, Finance teams, Marketing teams Task, Sub-task RFP Creation, Preparing, Proposal sent, Response received, Evaluating, Decided
Email campaign In this template, statuses and workflow is customized to help planning and launching email campaigns. Marketing teams, Design teams, Operations teams Task, Sub-task Ideating, Content development, QA, In review, Testing, Approved, Launch
Lead tracking This template is perfect for sales teams to keep track of potential clients. Sales teams Lead Opportunity, Contacted, In negotiation, Won, Lost
IP infringement You can use this template to simplify the process of identifying and tracking infringement claims. Legal teams Task, Sub-task Claim, Legal review, Recommendation, Resolution
Performance review This template can be very helpful, especially for large, teams to manage the performance reviews HR teams, Finance teams, Marketing teams, Operations teams, Design teams, Legal teams, Sales teams Task, Sub-task For Review, Manager Review, Peer Review, Decision, Delivered

Templates are a great help when starting a project. With time, when you get to know possibilities offered by Jira better, we can adapt our project to our needs.